Power Purchase Agreement 



  • Pay only for the power provided by the system, no financing required.

  • Lock in a lower rate than your current utility bill for the next 25 years.

  • Monitoring and maintenance package included for 25 years.

  • Option to purchase system after getting started for free. 

  • Transfers to new homeowner if you move.

  • $0 upfront cost, own your system from the day it begins producing energy.

  • Low interest rates starting from 1.49% APR for well qualified buyers.

  • Does not affect property taxes or debt to income ratio. Financing does not affect.

  • Set payments for entire term of agreement, no penalty for pre-payment. 

  • Ability to utilize Federal Incentive Tax Credit toward your tax liability. 

  • Examine all current utility rates to uncover errors for refund and rate reduction.

  • Utilize tax incentives to decrease energy cost increase profit margins year after year.

  • Commercial leases and power purchase agreement also available requiring no upfront capital.

Power Purchase Agreement 




At Rio Grande Renewables we believe there is a better way to do energy. A more inclusive and less intrusive way to provide the energy needs for our community. Our mission is to provide a sustainable future that is not only environmentally beneficial but economically feasible. The only way to enact change is to provide education and better solutions to replace old problems- and that's what we do! We are obsessively passionate about providing the right solution to our residential and commercial customers. One solution does not solve every problem which is why we provide unique solutions specifically tailored to your home or business. Consultations will always remain free as we are confident that when our customers are provided transparent and accurate information they will choose to work with us towards our mutually beneficial mission. Renewable energy has fallen below the price of traditional energy sources, now is the time to change how you get your energy. We will provide this energy at a fair price and also be fair to our environment, all the while getting you what you need to power your home or business. We are excited to simplify your energy transition and deliver on our promise with the best equipment, workmanship and warranties available in our industry today.We thank you for taking your time to read what we are about, we look forward to answering your questions and helping you with your energy transition. We're here to help! 


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