Power Purchase Agreement


One of the most important factors in running any profitable business is energy management and cost. At Rio Grande Valley Renewables we allow business owners to take control of these costs by taking an in depth look at current rate cases to discover overlooked savings or over-charges from the utility service provider before we even consider replacement of traditional energy sources with renewable options.

Often utilities place businesses in rate groups that are incorrect or charge business for costs they would otherwise be exempt from. Or expert analysts, with over 22 years of industry experience, look into all of your utility costs and compare them to what other businesses in your category are being charged in order to find your most favorable utility rate. We can go back as much as two years into the past by law to acquire you a refund from your utility and then secure your correct rate for you into the future.

As we all know, the electricity costs of running any business are going to add up over time. Without any other sources of power, you are reliant on the grid and subject to rising price changes throughout the life of your business.

Solar PV systems and other sources of alternative energy give you the chance to reduce those costs and make your energy bills more predictable over the years. This means more flexible cash flow for other parts of your business and a greater chance at longevity for your business.

We believe solar power is for everyone. When we talk about commercial solar opportunities, we are referring to everything from manufacturing, car dealerships and gas stations to banks, hotels, and office buildings. We offer a wide range of solutions and financing to complete your commercial project based on your capital situation. There are multiple options when it comes to financing your solar system. If you don’t want to own your system or don’t have the capital, you can opt for a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) or an Operating Lease. Both of these options save your working capital and still get you the advantage of solar technology.